DK Training 40+ Professional Table Tennis Balls - Pack of 6 - White - ITTF Standards Ping Pong Balls


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About this item

  • MAXIMIZE YOUR SKILLS: Improve your game with our set of six white Ping Pong table tennis training balls. Each ball is meticulously crafted to deliver the PERFECT BOUNCE for table tennis bats, ensuring an exceptional playing experience every time.
  • HARD-HITTING PERFORMANCE: Our training Ping-Pong Balls deliver a HARD BOUNCE that guarantees resilience during intense rallies. The HARDNESS ensures durability, making them ideal for schools, home use, recreational play, clubs, multi-ball training, and even robots.
  • VERSATILITY UNLEASHED: Whether you're playing at schools, home, or clubs, engaging in multi-ball training, or simply enjoying general play, our White ping pong balls are the ultimate choice. Their all-encompassing design makes them perfect for various settings.
  • DARIUS KNIGHT'S SEAL OF APPROVAL: Rest easy knowing your game is in the hands of a pro. Our Soft Tennis Balls have been rigorously TESTED by Olympian Darius Knight for both consistent bounce and quality, ensuring you play with the best.
  • THE BLACK & WHITE ADVANTAGE: Introducing our DK White 40+ Ping pong balls in a sleek white color. Conforming to 40+ ITTF standards, these white balls are a must-have for table tennis clubs, competitive players, and match-play enthusiasts.

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