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DK Black Pro Ratings

This is the best bat in the DK range.

The combination of blade and rubbers has been in development for 2 years, and has only just been released to the market for all to experience. The bat has great control, amazing pace and explosive rubber speed. The ITTF approved rubber surface and 2.1mm sponge has a springboard technology, that enables the ball to rebound off the surface at speed, and the spin that can be generated from the rubber is immense.  The rubber surface has been developed to last a long time, so that the speed and spin stays for many years. The blade has a unique carbon layer to increase the sweet spot, helping hit the perfect shot every time. This bat would normally cost 3 times this price, but DK sports wants everyone to have access to this amazing bat.

This is made for an attacking player, and is being used by some of the top players in the UK, including Darius Knight himself. If you are taking the game seriously, you will not go wrong with this bat.

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