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Primary Schools

Primary Schools

I would like to introduce you to our Premium Sports Coaching Services, which are very user friendly,
engaging, lots of fun and most importantly great value for money.

The beauty of table tennis is that it’s inclusive by nature. It’s a non-contact sport, free of risk and appeals
to everyone without distinction. Bearing that in mind, we offer a wide range of services which cater for Special
Educational Needs, we also provide Curriculum structured programmes and general Physical Education activities.

Through our programmes the objective is to develop physical literacy - mastering fundamental movement skills -
which in turn instils confidence when engaging in any physical activity. The aforementioned skill set will enable
participants to be enriched by what is widely recognised as the 2nd most participated sport worldwide.

All our staff have the requisite training, ensuring a fully comprehensive approach to work - which includes
structured lesson plans, risk assessment, setting up/packing apparatus thus fully utilising the time
available on core objectives.

Investing in our services will give you a high quality Programme, develop physical literacy and ultimately
be holistically fulfilling.

Our programme reinforces the importance of a healthy lifestyle that goes hand in hand with sport participation -
will give you the ability to express yourself through the power of sport - will instil virtues such as fair play and
respect, not to mention learning life long skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership along the way.

Please note, our programmes are specifically tailored to suit the individual needs of every school,
so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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