DK League

fun For the kids

Having the school league is necessary because we want to create something fun for the kids to do, everyone has played table tennis at some time in their life and most often everyone thinks they are good. It is difficult to find a club to suit all children, having the school league is another way for pupils to play each other, compete against other schools and see where they are in their age group.

Everybody has coaching, but to get to a professional level like myself and my coaches, it is quite a big jump. The school league is exclusive for the kids and schools where Darius Knight Enterprise coaches.

Results and scores will be online, similar to playing your computer game online, where you can see other results within your year and networks. In the past there used to be London Junior rankings, this kept every child going and training until they were good enough to compete at a higher level and on the circuit.

Table tennis is so popular among the schools and youth of today. Something that amazes everyone at Darius Knight Enterprise is seeing so many of children playing outdoor. Nowadays kids don’t care and there’s nothing holding them back. Children in schools even have their own rules and a way how to score.

It's important to have the DK school league so the children inspire to work harder and keep competitive.