The darius knight Story

Darius knight - Q&A'S

D.O.B: 22.02.90

Age: 26

Place of birth: London

Style of play: Left handed, shake hand fast attacking

Proudest achievement: Running with the Olympic Torch

Favourite shows: Smallville, Breaking Bad and Naruto

Favourite music: Dom Kennedy, 50 Cent, Ty Dolla $ign, TeeFlii and Trey Songz

Favourite food: Thai – as long as there is a lot of taste

Favourite word: ‘TS’

Favourite phrase: “patient man ride donkey”

Favourite quote: “You control your own destiny”

Favourite colour: White and if that’s not a colour, blue

Favourite console: Nintendo 64

Favourite country: Australia

One thing you can’t live without: My phone

Darius continues to work with

Michael Buble, The Wanted, Mini Park Lane, Fred Perry, Sports on Screen, Creative Social, Metro Bank, We Hustle, Tsingtao, Investec, Lloyds TSB ….. and many more.